Art show opening are not intimidating

Art show opening are not intimidating

Talking to local artists about their work is a great way to make art more approachable.

For many of us, art evokes images of revered masterpieces, mostly by long-dead people, chosen by unseen professional curators and placed in marble-lined grand and imposing halls of museums.

It seems like you can't be a true artist without going to art school, having years of fine arts courses at the college level, and getting a degree. A: Pretty much everyone feels intimidated in varying degrees about the art world, whether they're artists, collectors, buyers or average everyday people who just plain like looking at art.

A surprising number of people are even afraid to do something as simple as set foot inside an art gallery.

Some people make art as a hobby; a significant group of people, for their living.

The Washington Post tried to advise us earlier this month, and more than a few writers disagreed with it.

So we turned to the great 19th century poet Alexander Pope, who stated, “Blessed is he who expects nothing, for he shall never be disappointed.” In the spirit of a true pessimist, we could take this to mean we anticipate too much from a day looking at art.

I wanted to show other types of artists doing other types of work.

More than drawings of mosques, more than calligraphy of Koran verses.” What Ali hoped to find were artists making personal work separate from their religious identity.

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In fact, according to Sondra Arkin, a founder of Mid City Artists (and a neighbor), many of the artists who participate feel it as a much a way to spread the word about the fact that living people make art in living spaces than purely as a commercial effort (though, still, they would be happy for some sales, too).

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