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Backdating enfield rifle musket

The 39 in (99 cm) barrel had three grooves, with a rifling twist, and was fastened to the stock with three metal bands, so that the rifle was often called a "three band" model.

The rifle's cartridges contained 68 grains (4.4 g) of black powder, and the ball was typically a 530-grain (34 g) Pritchett or a Burton-Minié, which would be driven out at about 850 to 900 feet (259 - 274m) per second.

These rifles were used by both the United States of America ("Union") and the Confederate States of America!

Muzzle-loading rifles had been in use for many years but prior to the Civil War had been very rare in military use.The Lorenz rifle was designed by Austrian lieutenant Joseph Lorenz.It was first approved for manufacture in 1854, and was Austria's first all-new infantry firearm in decades.French Army P1851 Minié rifle British Army Pattern 1853 Enfield Minié rifle Springfield Model 1861 Minié rifle, the most widely used rifle during the American Civil War Württemberg, Baden and Hesse Vereinsgewehr 1857 rifled musket The Austrian Lorenz rifle Crimean War, Indian Rebellion of 1857, Taiping Rebellion, Second Italian War of Independence, French intervention in Mexico, Austro-Prussian War, American Civil War, Boshin war, War of the Pacific, Paraguayan War The Minié rifle was an important infantry rifle of the mid-19th century.A version was adopted in 1849 following the invention of the Minié ball in 1847 by the French Army captain Claude-Étienne Minié of the Chasseurs d'Orléans and Henri-Gustave Delvigne.

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The black powder at the time quickly fouled the barrel, making reloading slower and more difficult since the balls had to be patched and matched closely to the bore size for rifles.

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