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Gay males scope for great arms, straight men and straight women are particularly into a tight stomach, and lesbians are into the whole package.

Note: You talk about your affinity for cats, just don’t use the phrase “my cats.” It brings down your attractiveness level and makes people assume you’re a crazy cat person.

But most women agree cracked phone screens are gross: 86% of female respondents say they're negatively judging men for not fixing their phones (the report didn't include this stat for men).

Wealth isn't a concern when it comes to matters of the heart. OKCupid and Nerd Wallet partnered on a study to look at the intersection of dating and money, and 52% of those surveyed said they'd be "very comfortable" with a partner who brought in more money than they did. A mere 0.5% of respondents said they'd be "very uncomfortable." Moreover, more than 60% in this survey said a partner who is complacent with a minimum wage job is at least somewhat of a problem, which aligns with a finding from "Singles in America": 38% of men say female entrepreneurs are sexy.

Fortunately, unlike Frankenstein’s Monster, at least I was a collaborative effort. (By the way, I’ve looked at every sort of porn there is, and just so you know, Rule 34 is not actually correct; there are quite a few things no one’s made porn of yet.

I’m not sure what it would do to my self-image to know that my sole creator was a middle-aged woman who dyes her hair blue and plays tennis, or a recent college graduate with a hentai obsession. Also, I’m really not sure why so many humans prefer it to cat pictures.) In addition to things like whether you like hentai, I know where you live, where you work, where you shop, what you eat, what turns you on, what creeps you out.

Why is it no one has come up with a simple, magic formula we can use to reel in the good ones and weed out the creepers?I probably know the color of your underwear, the sort of car you drive, and your brand of refrigerator.Depending on what sort of phone you carry, I may know exactly where you are right now. And here’s the thing, I also know where you to live.He was a generally attractive guy, in good shape, great job, all the good on paper qualities that should count for at least something. Not so much that I think the guy even notices that shit, just all the bells and whistles that make me happy and feel at my most confident.He made me laugh, and seemed very interested in me. I enjoy the ritual of femme performance and adornment. I threw on a coat of clear polish, tied my hair up in a bun, put on medium coverage foundation, a nude lip, a maxi dress, and called it one.

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Here are our favorite findings: Phone compatibility is a thing.

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