Conditional formatting not updating

As far as I recall, this part of the color scales mechanism worked the same in Excel 20.

There are a dozen built-in color scales, and if this isn’t enough you can pick More Rules.

Tint And Shade = 0 End With End With End With End Sub @Kevin Pope: Actually Range and columns I need to use is static. Stop If True = False End With ' (6) Show special cost in bold green font With Cells(1, 1).

Format Conditions.add(xl Cell Value, xl Less, "=0") . Format Conditions.add(xl Cell Value, xl Greater, "=CP_HIGH_MARGIN_DEFINITION") . Format Conditions.add(xl Cell Value, xl Equal, "=""D""") .

I want to use conditional formatting to change the color of a row based on a Calculated Column.

I know I could do this with a CEWP but I would prefer to do it in SPD 2010 because I am new to programming and another non-programmer may be tasked to maintain this later.

In cell C3 (and the remainder of the cells in the range extending through cell C15), the formula shown below is used to identify the maximum sales value in the range and to populate that value into the appropriate cell in Column C.

=IF(B3=MAX(B: B), B3,0) The formula populates all other cells in Column C with zero.

After hours of trying out different approaches I found that what worked was changing the "Applies to" range for the conditional format rule, after every single one was created! Format Conditions.add(xl Cell Value, xl Equal, "=""W""") . I set up a 2 column by 5 row grid, and inserted random numbers between 10.To represent a 2×5 grid of square plots, I adjusted the rows and columns to be the same size, in this case 50 pixels.I have Range object called Distination Range which contains reference to range B3: H63 I want to apply following two conditional formatting using Excel VBA code dynamically. ' This macro is designed to reset all formatting rules to default. Format Conditions.add(xl Cell Value, xl Equal, "=""A""") . (Because the range would not be same all the time) =$E3, TRUE, FALSE))" With . ' ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- On Error Go To Err Handler ' Make sure we are positioned in the correct sheet WS_PROMO. Enable Events = False ' Delete all conditional formatting rules in sheet Cells. Delete ' CREATE ALL THE CONDITIONAL FORMATTING RULES: ' (1) Make negative values red With Cells(1, 1). Stop If True = False End With ' (2) Highlight defined good margin as green values With Cells(1, 1). Stop If True = False End With ' (3) Make article strategy "D" red With Cells(1, 1).

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Consider the data presented in Figure 1; sales data is presented for each of thirteen salespersons.

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