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Since May, rumors have been running rampant that Paige and Alberto Del Rio are now a couple.It is not out of the ordinary for those in the wrestling business to find love at work, as evidenced by the myriad of couples over the years — John Cena and Nikki Bella, Triple H and Stephanie Mc Mahon, The Undertaker and Michelle Mc Cool, and Sasha Banks and a WWE employee to name a few.Whipped Cream was used as the main theme song, and The Spanish Flea was the 'bachelor' music. v=glance Found something else: THE DATING GAME (1978-80)-Chuck Barris Main theme Closing theme ("Little Rosie") THE DATING GAME CUES (1968-74)-Herb Alpert: Bachelorette intro music ("Whipped Cream") Bachelor intro music ("Spanish Flea") Date intro music ("Lollipops and Roses") "Ask Fun Trivia" strives to offer the best answers possible to trivia questions. We ask our submitters to thoroughly research questions and provide sources where possible. Billy Howard -- 10-Jun-2013 pm -- Can't believe people would dislike this either. Kim Thuy Hoanton -- 05-Apr-2013 am -- When did pax jax get a guitar? Abbey Hosle -- 14-Mar-2013 am -- freaking awesome... Yazmin Arita -- 12-Mar-2013 am -- this is eargasmic.Really need to pickup my guitar again I can only hope to play as well as this :) Renata Mc Allister -- 06-Jun-2013 pm -- WOW~ Fasih Shah -- 27-May-2013 am -- Raiden : Let the Mortal Kombat begin.. Epic m/>.<m/ Corey Papa Stav Bedelph -- 27-May-2013 am -- Man this guy is awesome the feel of the song is amazing. 3) its getting close to 80 degrees outside, he shouldn't be wearing that sweater. 5) he didn't completely lift his fingers of the strings when changing positions on the fret-thing. Alex Gillies -- 11-Mar-2013 pm -- the wonders of the delay effect.

And so, for the last three digits he simply used his wedding date (April 7) and his wife's birth month (March), making it ,743.Lance Fisher -- 21-Jun-2013 am -- Awesome, bravo :-) Dimitris Aspiotis -- 19-Jun-2013 am -- IT IS FAKE JUST LOOK AT HIS HANDS. :-P Reid Glanzer -- 15-Jun-2013 am -- this is my theme song. Kenneth Christensen -- 20-Apr-2013 pm -- He is called ewan dobson and the track is called time 2. v=Xon04MB1r Dw Anthony Moretti -- 03-Apr-2013 am -- Vinicius Santana -- 01-Apr-2013 pm -- Com esse cara quem precisa de Dj? Jeremy Parks -- 19-Mar-2013 pm -- Totally photoshopped. Ra'ad Bakeer -- 18-Mar-2013 pm -- Bitch please, that's Raiden.L Andres Nava -- 16-Jun-2013 am -- everytim I seis vid....sound is truly amazing. Mohammad Noori -- 12-Jun-2013 pm -- The perfect And Amazing. Jamie Nickson -- 06-Apr-2013 pm -- a mystic guitar guru amazing! Alexz William -- 17-Mar-2013 am -- authenticviews , com is a way where youcan get likes comments , followers at high speed.Here's how they do it: The two contestants competing takes turns picking off each of the nine celebrities seated in a great big tic-tac-toe board.On each star, the host asked a question to that star afterwhich the star would usually give a crazy answer (classified as a zinger) followed by his/her real answer.

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It is up to them to figure out if a star is giving a correct answer or making one up; that's how they get the squares." Here's how John Davidson explains the Game: "The object of the game is to simply win Tic Tac Toe, three squares across, down, or diagonally, or acquire as many squares as you can." Here's what it means: The object of the game is to get tic-tac-toe.

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