Dating hypothyroid blind man dating movie

Dating hypothyroid

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Everything was absolutely perfect, except that my partner had to move interstate for work, but we were seeing eachother every two weeks.

For those of us battling the ravages of thyroid disease, the problem might be purely chemical. We know that the thyroid gland is the most important endocrine gland in our body; that it impacts every body system down to each functioning cell.

It regulates metabolism, body temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, even the rate at which our children grow.

Dear Friend/Family Member: Someone you care about has thyroid disease.

Im finding her angry, and very distant with me now.If anything, you probably associate the thyroid with weight problems, or think it's an excuse lazy people use for being overweight.Or, you may already know someone else who's taking thyroid medication, maybe Synthroid, and they seem to be doing fine, so you assume thyroid disease will be a similar experience for star Sofia Vergara, talking about how easy it is to manage her own thyroid disease, and assumed it's equally easy for everyone with a thyroid problem?Hopefully your boyfriend will try to understand that the mood swings, etc. I feel like I am losing my mind as well..I am sorry to hear that someone else is going through the same hell that I there :) YES! symptoms of thyroid issues do cross over from hypo to hyper.and many more have these same symptoms, you are not alone. do your own research and educate yourself and your boyfriend about what is going on with you.

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Meanwhile, I am so moody, I feel depressed, crying at EVERYTHING, so angry I could practically cause harm to someone, my menstrual cycle is way out of whack, never know when it is going to come, I could completely live without sex, but yet, I am losing weight....

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