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Production of many makers' different trademarks often overlapped by several years. When it comes to old cast iron the name Griswold gets the collector's heart to beat a little faster and to grab their wallets.The stylized logo was seen moved around on skillet bottoms, just as the block and arc trademarks had been years before.Sometime between 19, the logo on several skillets (#4-#8) appeared at center, as it would also come to be seen on the later, "dual logo" National skillets Wagner produced.The term "large", however, is more properly applied to the block lettering rather than the diameter. At what points the changes thereafter occured is uncertain.During its period of production, the small block logo skillets underwent design changes to the handles, resulting in what are known as the early, late, and late grooved handles. The medium block logo or late large TM is believed to have been a planned replacement for the small block logo, but whose development was possibly cut short by the acquisition of Griswold by Wagner Ware.

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Information dating it to as early as 1955 has been found. Arc/Straight, High (1915-1920) Wagner Ware Sidney O.

Wagner Block (1890s) Wagner Arc (1891-1910) Wagner Sidney O. Straight/Straight, Centered (1910-1915) Wagner Sidney O. Arc/Straight/Straight (1920s)⁸ Wagner Ware Sidney -O- Stylized Logo, High (1922-1924, heat ring & size no.; 1924-1935, heat ring & c/n; 1935-1959, smooth bottom) Wagner Ware Sidney -O- Stylized Logo, Centered (1924-1935, heat ring & c/n)⁹ Wagner Ware Sidney -O- Stylized Logo, "Pie Logo" (1924-1934)¹⁰ National (1914-1930) National/Wagner Ware Sidney -O- Stylized, Dual Logo (1930-1940) Long Life (1930s) Montgomery Ward/Wardway (1930s) This contradicts published sources placing the "pie logo" much earlier, as early as 1915.

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For example, if you have a cast iron skillet that has only markings on the bottom that say VICTOR 722 8, try a Google images search for “Victor 722 8 cast iron skillet”, and see if a match to your pan shows up in the images.

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