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Her account of the online dating circus is refreshingly honest - the endless trawling through profiles, the inevitable blind-dates resulting in the Mr-Wrongs and the thought-he-was Mr-Rights - and the experience of the online-dating rejection , where the retreating suitor is able to melt back into the impersonal and anonymous world of cyber space just as quickly as he emerged from it To top it all off, Andee offers us snatches of her valuable psychologist perspective along the way.

Chillingly accurate dissections of the emotional psyche of both men and women shed some fascinating light on what it is that can make us behave the way that we do with the opposite sex.

I felt the story was real , because unlike most heroines , Laney knew that it was hard for her to separate sex from love so she didn't do it until she felt she might be ready to separate them -as ready as she can be anyways- .

And Carson , he waited for her , and as weird as it sounds he tried as hard as he can to NOT be romantic or show his feelings , because he knew he couldn't give Laney more , so he didn't want her to fall for him .

In the dark ages Mummy and Daddy decided who was good enough (i.e.

When she meets Carson , she doesn't want anything do with him at first , but then when he convinces her what a "selfish prick" he is : D ( Which btw isn't true ) , she finds that he is the perfect guy to have a one night stand with , without her feelings getting attached , because after-all , she can't ever love an asshole like him .“Seriously. And thought, ‘I want to fuck her.’ And yeah, those were the exact words that went through my head. But before they do sleep together , somethings happens that makes Laney second guess her decision, she starts to feel "butterflies" for him . I loved Carson's sense of humor , he cracked me up A LOT .The tantalising ending will have you scrambling to find out when the next book is coming out...Kissing Frogs by Andee Jones is priced at .95, and available from all good book stores. I laughed out loud a lot and I actually shed a few tears here and there .The way the prologue and the epilogue were written was unique and I really liked it. Laney is a good person who didn't have enough sense of her self-worth , she kept dating "frogs" , and after the last one hurt her pretty bad , she gave up on love .

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Since I entered the big bad world of singledom, I have had my morals UNFAIRLY questioned by my friends. For me right now, this means playing the field, going on dates to cool (preferably swanky) places with no strings attached. There is this widespread belief that online dating services are full of unscrupulous individuals just trying to take advantage of earnest singletons naively looking for love.

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