English dating seduction how to get girls with hypnosis

ou see, I had wanted something deeper than just an ability to “pick women up”. Indeed, learning how to seduce women from this man was like learning how to play basketball from Michael Jordan.

I managed to spend a couple of weeks with him in San Diego, and he was truly a class act.

At 55 and with a heart attack under his belt, he’s done his time and he’s had his fill. He joined the community in the early 2000s – befriending Jeffries along the way – under the pretence of being a normal guy looking to learn to pick up women.

As the father of the seduction community, you should hope so too. By the end of the book, under the persona of 'Style', Strauss has been voted the best pick-up artist in the world by his fellow PUAs.

Once you’ve downloaded this PDF document, you can refer as a “quick refresher” to it whenever you want to use the technique on a woman.

And like most guys, I didn’t find much success with those techniques (despite paying a lot of money to these Pickup Artist cum hustlers for their ebooks which were ultimately worthless.) Soon, I realized that learning how to attract women goes way beyond the lightweight “Pickup Artist” mumbo jumbo. My years of research and travel around the world to seek the finally landed me at the doorstep of an elusive man who held the key to my salvation… You see, Derek looked like just the average Joe off the street, and you could have never guessed (from his unassuming, low-key persona) that he could well be the world’s foremost authority on Mind Control seduction.

The question is, does NLP work and what is its real value in the art of pickup?

For the most part, the term NLP has been misused in the seduction community.

K, so you’re here to learn how to get a woman to like you. (I shall reserve my wrath for Pickup Artists in another post, but suffice to say that I absolutely loathe these hucksters who I think are preying on desperate guys for their money.) Before we start, I’ll need you to promise me this. In fact, I am one of the patent holders of the original Deep Psyche™ technology (which is now widely used in hypnotherapy practices as well as dating seminars and clinics worldwide.) But I am not here to toot my own horn, so enough about that.

What you’re going to find here is entirely different from what you’ve seen elsewhere. For one, you’ll never hear junk “Guru” advice like at wanting to get better at attracting women (despite the mind games that they inevitably play on men). If you’ve been reading this blog for long, then you’ll know that I am a big proponent of using hypnosis, Mind Control and deep persuasion techniques to get my way with women.

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NLP essentially helps organize the complex patterns inherent in human communication.

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