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Business trusts were considered a corporation or a partnership depending on whether the trust's legal characteristics more closely resembled those of a corporation or a partnership. 344 (1935), the Kintner regulations provided that trusts possessing three of four identified corporate criteria were taxable as corporations (free transferability of interests, limited liability, centralized management, and continuity of life).Applying standards first articulated in Morrissey v. Trusts possessing less than three of these criteria were taxable as partnerships.Ambridge’s Tax Qualification Insurance extension can protect trusts (and indirectly their beneficiaries) from the financial exposures resulting from a disqualification as a liquidating trust.Recently, the Wall Street Journal highlighted the arrival of “bad loan securities.” If this is a trend, and I both hope and think it is, we clearly have to get a better deal name for these than “Insert Bank Name”, Bad Loan Securities 2012-1.Ambridge also offers a unique tax coverage enhancement to its Liquidating Trustees Liability Insurance policy.A liquidating trust is a tax-efficient vehicle to liquidate assets because income of a qualifying liquidating trust is only taxed as income at the beneficiary level.

But most of the people can't fathom it - or they don't assent on how it really functions- and this has produced a lot of unnecessary economic agony.Dealing with 'check-the-box' regulations By Carter G.Bishop Is that trust an ordinary trust or a business trust? Business lawyers commonly assume that trusts formed for their clients will be taxed as "ordinary trusts" under federal income tax rules.HA-LO had engaged Credit Suisse for investment bank services and Ernst & Young ("E&Y") as a business consultant in connection with the transaction.As a part of its duties to HA-LO, Credit Suisse negotiated pricing, structured payments, and arranged for new credit facilities to cover HA-LO's purchase of Starbelly.

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Securitization of less than ideal conduit product has been with us since the birth of securitization, but reached its apogee in the RTC series, for non-performing loans, in the early to mid 1990s.

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