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I'm getting a validation error message on my Drop Down List within my Create Action if I click the submit button without selecting a value from the Drop Down List.The validation error that I'm getting is The value "" is invalid.Client side validation Validation done in the browser before sending the form data to the server using Java Script, j Query and VBScript is called client-side validation. Let us first create the web application with two web pages We are adding two web pages because our requirement is, in the first web page there is form data to be filled in by the user and only after validating the form data, the form will be redirected to the next page.Server Side Validation Validation done at the server level after sending the form data to the server but before entering the data into the database is called server-side validation. The first page source code Look at the preceding source code closely; see the id's of controls that play the important role in Java Script validation by reading the ASP. The design view of the preceding source code will look as in the following: I hope you have created the same form as above for demonstration purposes. Net controls values in Java Script are as: There are three main methods shown in the above image in the red square to read the ASP.requiredfieldvalidator control's Initial Value property get or set the initial value of the associated input this example code dropdownlist initial value is 'Choose One', because we set this text for the dropdownlist control's first item Text property value.Net control's values in variables so it cannot be repeated again and again in our function the email Exp variable holds the pattern of the email id in the form of a regular expression.Now add the condition to ensure that all controls have a value, if the values are not entered in the form control then it will show a message.

I have requiredfieldvalidators for my textboxes on the same page and they work perfectly.

Net controls values; they are:get Element By Id: this method is used to read the controls values by their Element By Name: this method is used to read the controls values by their Element By Tag Name: this method is used to read the controls values by their Tag Name.

In this article we use the In the code above I have taken the ASP.

to avoid any erroneous data to be inserted into the database. So let us learn some basics because I have written this article only focusing on beginners and students. Example I hope you now understand the basics of validation in Java Script, now let us create the one sample web application that demonstrates how to do validation.

In this article we will learn about client-side validation that is done using Java Script. In the preceding syntax function is the keyword provided by the Java Script to declare a function and the Vildate Data() is the function name, now write the code inside the function as in the following.

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Also, when you open the web.config file it suggest placing application settings in the file.

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