John bimson redating the exodus

John bimson redating the exodus

The site has been excavated several times in this century.

In about 1650 BC, both dynasties were invaded by the Hyksos, who formed the Fifteenth Dynasty.

The collapse of the Thirteenth Dynasty created a power vacuum in the south, which may have led to the rise of the Sixteenth Dynasty, based in Thebes, and possibly of a local Abydos Dynasty.

The Hyksos eventually conquered both, albeit for only a short time in the case of Thebes.

by David Down Now if these events really happened as described in the biblical record, archaeologists should be able to find the evidence: toppled walls, destruction by fire, a new people with a new culture coming into the land, a gap in occupation, and then the city being rebuilt, but this is what all the fuss is about.

There are fallen walls, thick layers of ash and indication of a new culture on top of that, but according to the traditional chronology, it all happened 600 years before the Israelites arrived. Let us look at the archaeological history of Jericho.

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Moïse, en exil d’Égypte à cette époque, fut appelé (ou se sentit appelé) à devenir leur dirigeant.

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