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The Federation officially condemns the attack, and the Klingons react by calling off the peace treaty.When the victorious Klingon fleet returns from Cardassia, Gowron offers Worf to redeem himself, but he declines, upon which Gowron strips the House of Mogh of its honor.

Grudgingly Gowron orders the fleet to retreat, but the Klingons are not willing to give up the Cardassian colonies they have conquered. We are everywhere..." That's how the season finale "The Adversary" ended.Aboard the USS Excelsior, Captain Hikaru Sulu takes a sip of tea, reads a report handed to him by his science officer Dimitri Valtane, and records his log: "Stardate 9521.6, Captain's log, USS Excelsior, Hikaru Sulu commanding.After three years, I have concluded my first assignment as master of this vessel, cataloging gaseous planetary anomalies in Beta Quadrant. I'm pleased to report that ship and crew have functioned well." Suddenly, red alert klaxons sound on the bridge as the subspace shock wave reaches the Excelsior, throwing Sulu and his crew to the deck.Kerla explains that there has been an incident on Praxis, but that Federation assistance is not required, warning the Excelsior to remain outside the Klingon Neutral Zone.Communications officer Janice Rand asks Sulu if they should notify Starfleet and Sulu simply replies: "Are you kidding?!

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