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These methods are useful for unmarshalling XML data where the root element corresponds to a local element declaration in the schema. If the unmarshal process is unable to unmarshal the root of XML content to a JAXB mapped object, a fatal error is reported that terminates processing by throwing JAXBException.

Practical XML: Parsing So you've built some XML, now what do you do? After all, it doesn't do you much good as a bunch of bytes on a disk.

Typically, it is sufficient to use the unmarshalling methods described by Unmarshal root element that is declared globally.

These unmarshal methods utilize 's mappings are not sufficient to unmarshal the root element of XML data, the application can assist the unmarshalling process by using the unmarshal by declared Type methods.

If you work a lot with XML, you know how tedious it can be to write Simple API for XML (SAX) or Document Object Model (DOM) code to convert XML into Java objects that mean something to your program.

JAXB generates code automatically so you can go about the business of processing data instead of parsing it. It provides an abstraction for managing the XML-Java binding information necessary to implement the JAXB binding framework operations: unmarshal, marshal and validate.

However, chances are good that you're not parsing simple literal strings, so read on …

The Document Object Model standard is designed for XML documents manipulation. Java DOM Parser does not take advantage of Java's object-oriented features.

Text and elements is intermixed in a DOM hierarchy.

I have an XML Schema which I have used with xjc to create my JAXB binding. Unfortunately it also doesn't complain when the XML is not well formed.

I cannot figure out how to do proper full validation against the schema when I try to unmarshall an XML file.

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But in this example I used a Java String, which is UTF-16 encoded, without a prologue. The answer is that the parser did not read the string directly.

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