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News media organizations often treat specific internet safety issues as fads – after being THE hot topic, issues fall out of favor becoming “old news” in spite of ongoing risks and threats.We’ve seen this with pornography, child predators, chat room risks, meeting strangers and, more recently, sexting.In season one, fifteen-year-old Amy Juergens finds out that she is pregnant after having sex at band camp with a handsome and popular boy, Ricky Underwood.Amy first confides in her two best friends Lauren and Madison about it.

The season one finale brought in 4.50 million viewers, beating that night's episode of Gossip Girl, which had less than half its usual number of viewers.

After Jessa misses her own party, Marnie confronts her over her careless ways, and Jessa reveals that she is pregnant. Marnie and Shoshanna agree to attend as moral support, whilst Hannah decides to get tested for STDs after she discovers that her friend-with-benefits, Adam, is having unprotected sex with other girls.

Jessa fails to show up, and realises her pregnancy was a false alarm when she gets her period while hooking up with a stranger at a bar.

I., who was subject to lifetime supervision after pleading guilty to charges he sexually abused his three daughters. was released into a state program for sex offenders known as community supervision for life. appealed the blanket ban on internet access but the Parole Board denied him a hearing, citing his prior history. Writing for the court, Justice Barry Albin found the board wrongly denied J. Noting that the goals of the state's law requiring supervised release of sex offenders are meant not only to protect the public but to ensure offenders can reintegrate after serving their sentences, Albin wrote the ban "may undermine (J.

Calling internet access a "basic need" of modern life, the justices ruled that state authorities could only revoke it after holding a formal hearing to determine if there was a legitimate public safety reason to do so. was released in 2009 and initially ordered by the Parole Board not to access "any social networking service or chat room." But in 2010, authorities found the man had accessed websites "that depicted minors in the nude" and as a result banned him from using "any Internet-capable device." He was later reprimanded by the board for visiting other "benign" websites, including ones maintained by his church and his therapist, according to court records. In 2013, he was told by the Parole Board he could use the internet only to access the employment networking site Linked In in order to find a job. I.'s) rehabilitation and hinder his ability to succeed as a free agent in society." The justices sent the case back to the Parole Board to determine whether there was a public safety justification for kicking the man off the internet.

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Shoshanna admits to Marnie that she is still a virgin.

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