Tritium age dating

We have learnt how electrons involve in stabilisation of an atom. The number of protons in the nucleus is known as the atomic/proton number of the particular element. It is the proton/atomic number (Z) that determines the number of electrons, specific electron structure and the specific identity of an element in terms of its physical and chemical properties. Has there been any way to express the number of protons in an atom? Protons and neutrons are also known as the nucleons.Atmospheric atomic bomb testing in the 1950's and 60's bolstered the concentration of tritium in the atmosphere where it can become incorporated into a water molecule and enter the water cycle.During precipitation events this tritiated water enters groundwater and can be used as a dating tool for recharge.All atoms have a certain value of mass number which is derived as follows.

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The Noble Gas lab contains a mass spectrometer system capable of precise isotopic measurements of the noble gases as well as most other common atmospheric gases.

The Environmental Tracers Lab utilizes a gas chromatography system for precise measurements of dissolved CFC's in natural waters to determine timing of recharge.

Our research and services at the Dissolved and Noble Gas Lab are based on the use of noble gases and anthropogenic tracers to determine groundwater recharge ages and recharge temperatures, cosmogenic surface dating, and aquitard permeability.

We have two facilities here at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, Utah: the Noble Gas Lab and the Environmental Tracers Lab.

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The number of neutrons, N, is known as the number of neutrons in an atom.

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