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My issue is that .append('path') simply isn't working, and I'm not sure why.It may have to do with my grouping: I like to put margins around my graphs so axis and labels aren't clipped. var svg Container = d3.select(element[0]).append('svg') .attr() .classed('svg-container', true); var chart Container = svg Container.append('g') .classed('chart-container', true) .attr('transform', "translate(" "," ")"); chart Container.append('path') .data(active Data) .attr('d', line Func) .attr('stroke', 'blue') .attr('stroke-width', .attr('fill', 'none'); svg Container = d3.select('#line-container').select('.svg-container') .attr(); chart Container = svg Container.select('.chart-container') .attr('transform', "translate(" "," ")"); chart Container.select('path') .data(active Data) .attr('d', line Func) .attr('stroke', 'blue') .attr('stroke-width', .attr('fill', 'none'); So your aim is to create a graph and then add a new graph based on a different subset of your data.Usually, this would use the update-enter-exit pattern that is described in this tutorial by Mike and in greater detail in this tutorial also by Mike.It would be helpful to see an example of your code as suggested below by Lars.

It is likely that the data used to create the graph is coming from an Excel worksheet, so why not link the graph on the slide directly to the Excel data. I will describe each method, and then show a table that summarizes the differences.

Description :: All Functions You can also try the old Flash version here.

Function Grapher is a full featured Graphing Utility that supports graphing two functions together.

You can also enhance and manipulate the appearance of your charts programmatically by using various classes and objects.

In this topic, you programmatically create a simple chart and then update it by adding data.

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