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Use this code template as a starting point (the error handler ensures that these properties are turned back on at the end of the sub, even if it errors) Sub Your Sub() On Error Go To EH Application. Select Next i 'get results results = "Screen Updating not disabled: " & Format(Time - start Time, "hh:mm:ss") & " seconds" start Time = Time 'scenario 2 - screenupdating disabled Application.Screen Updating = False 'swap between sheets 1/2 (need both sheets or this will crash) For i = 1 To numb Switches Sheets(1 (i Mod 2)). Screen Updating = True 'get results for part two results = results & vb Cr Lf & "Screen Updating IS disabled: " & Format(Time - start Time, "hh:mm:ss") & " seconds" 'show results Msg Box results End Sub Firstly I've been using the script written by Richie (UK) Post #7 Here It simply iterates through a loop changing the value of i in one cell. Pivetta's first go-round in the majors didn't go well, as he posted a 5.12 ERA over four starts, although he did strike out over a batter per frame.He'll either start during Saturday's doubleheader or on Sunday.When I started reading more into improving the efficiency of your code I understood what it was for but how much of an effect does Turning off screen updating will only make a difference to execution time if the code interacts with Excel in a way that causes changes to the screen content.The grater the amount of screen changes the bigger the impact will be. Other application settings that can make a difference to execution time are Calculation and Event handling. Enable Events = False ' Code here Clean Up: On Error Resume Next Application. Calculation = xl Calculation Automatic Application. Enable Events = True Exit Sub EH: ' Do error handling Go To Clean Up End Sub Sub test Screen Updating() Dim i As Integer Dim numb Switches As Integer Dim results As String 'swap between sheets this number of times numb Switches = 1000 'keep track of time Dim start Time As Double start Time = Time 'swap between sheets 1/2 (need both sheets or this will crash) For i = 1 To numb Switches Sheets(1 (i Mod 2)).is working fine for many users since yesterday (9th May).

Matz will obviously hold down a rotation spot for as long as he can stay healthy, while Lugo could potentially transition to the bullpen after next weekend depending on how things go in Atlanta.

Gsellman holds a 2.95 ERA over his last three starts, so the desire to replace him in the rotation would seem to be less urgent than it was a couple weeks ago.

Tyler Pill is also currently occupying a rotation spot, but he'll be sent down or move to long relief after Sunday's outing versus the Pirates.

You can give it a try and let us know whether this method is working for you or not in the comment section below.

So not making you wait anymore, here’s how you can easily play Pokemon Go latest on existing Nox App Player version. 😮 I can understand the excitement you got to play Pokemon Go on PC on Nox App Player but you just can’t get the solution to update the game to 0.63.1 on Nox version. Sensing the need of an hour, we have (with the help of an avid gamer) listed a simple guide to make sure that the latest version of Pokemon Go working on Nox App Player. Step 3: Now in the place of Manufacturer, write Samsung instead of bignox, in the model option, write Note 5 (try with or without spacing like Note5) and then enter your phone number to generate IMEI. Just see the below given image to know more about the change in the settings of Nox App Player! Step 6: Let the download get done, wait for few seconds Step 7: Open the download section from the notifications bar in your Nox App Player Step 8: Click on the Pokemon Go app which you downloaded just before, install it and enjoy!

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