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I know what you're thinking: What's so hard about dressing for Valentine's Day?Throw on any dress, some non-cheesy jewelry, and bam, you're done. But what if your date springs, say, mini golf on you?Or, what if you don't have Valentine's Day plans at all? Or, what if you're unsure how to style that rose-strewn slip dress in the winter? Well, you want to make sure that whatever you wear, you feel comfortable. You don’t want to be wearing anything too outlandish, outrageous and attention grabbing for two reasons: one, by toning things down and dressing in a simple classic manner it brings your personality to the forefront – you’re a man that’s wearing the clothes, not the other way around.This will ensure that you won’t be focusing on other things such as how uncomfortable and awkward you feel, because this will translate in your body language. Two, this special day happens to be all about her – so don’t try and show her up, OK?Barbie will surely need your help to pack up her things for the hospital.At the hospital you will be assisting her doctor and making sure that the delivery goes as it should.

Let’s do her hair then pick out pretty pieces of jewelry.Firstly, I appreciate that this article could be excluding a fair amount of our readership i.e.those of you who will be single on this particular day.Secondly, the advice that I’m going to be giving – try not to take everything I say as gospel.I’m going to be providing you with for general situations that could arise but if you happen to be going to a certain place that you already know how to dress for, then go with your gut and dress that way. Hopefully, this will eliminate any comments along the lines of “I wouldn’t wear that outfit in that situation…” because if you wouldn’t wear it, . So what do you need to start thinking about when it comes to dressing for a date on Valentine’s Day?

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