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You can create your own scenarios once you’re settled into the game (and even share them through exporting and importing generated images via SD card), but there’s no pure sandbox mode: A-Train is all about goals.

Though I guess you could just make your goals phenomenally easy and mess around for a while…

Individual buildings, for example, can be selected and downloaded over a service interface in a variety of 3D data formats.

The model provides a unique foundation for research and development for technology-based companies, startups in the digital economy and scientific institutions.

The CBD is being built block by block in individual files in Sketchup, from the Google Earth aerial images, the Google Earth street view images, my own digital photos that I've taken from the streets, and my own photos from the Sky Tower the BNZ tower.

As many buildings as possible will be built to the official heights, but mostly for the lowrises that have little to no information available about them, I'll be doing it by simple assumption; how they look next to the photos, how they look next to the other buildings in the 3D scene, etc.

), AB(Geomatics Engineering Section, Department of Civil Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee, (Roorkee), India), AC(School of Mechanical and Building Sciences, Vellore Institute of Technology(VIT)-University, Vellore, Tamilnadu, India.) 3D city model is a digital representation of the Earth's surface and it's related objects such as Building, Tree, Vegetation, and some manmade feature belonging to urban area.

There are various terms used for 3D city models such as "Cybertown", "Cybercity", "Virtual City", or "Digital City".

If you want, you can even sit back and watch the train go around the city, though you should know that doing that is just as productive as it sounds.

Many may not be familiar with the A-Train series, but it’s grown up side-by-side with the popular Sim City, and actually predates that series by four years.

While Sim City found success by making a larger and larger sandbox in which to create, A-Train took a different path. It manages its city building more indirectly, using a railroad corporation’s expansion (and occasional side venture investments) as a foundation for urban growth.

A-Train 3D: City Simulator is set up as a series of scenarios, all with various goals for economic growth and ridership expansion.

In each one, you’ll set up your railroad or begin from a pre-set base, then schedule routes and tweak operations to bring more population to the area and increase the company’s bottom line.

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Heh, yeah, I know I started this several years ago, but what can I say; that one I never finished, and even if I DON'T finish this one, I've still made at least a lot more progress on it than I did with the last one. It's not something that's gonna be knocked up in a couple of weeks.

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