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Yii form not validating

If the model is successfully populated (i.e., if the user has submitted the HTML form), the action will call validate() to make sure the values entered are valid.methods of the widget render the opening and closing form tags, respectively.mysql,database,phpmyadmin The answer is no, tables won't be locked, database won't be down.

Preparation: Let’s imagine there is a company called xyz and has number of employees. Happy Coding 🙂 Client Side Form Validation with Yii Framework Hej, I’m from Bangladesh. Perhaps, that’s why I do not know any closed source language.

Introduction: There are two kinds of form validation process, Yii support.

First one is server side form validation and second one is client side validation process. Conclusion Yii greatly simplifies the workflow of MVC architecture as well as validate user input and display appropriate error messages for invalid input.

Validating form is the process of inserting proper data into the database. I assume, you have little knowledge about Gii Module and CRUD operation.

In this tutorial, I will show you how to create a form and validate the input data.

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The SQL statement executed was: INSERT INTO `foo` (`field1`, `field2`...etc) VALUES (:yp0, :yp1...etc) or whatever it would be)?

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